Recherche en pneumologie sur la BPCO

AmiensCHU Amiens CHU AmiensImpact of air quality on exacerbation of COPD in the Somme (PolluBPCO)2017Particules pollution air ambiant
AmiensCHU Amiens CHU AmiensEstimation of the VQ11 autoquestionnaire to follow patients with COPD (EPIC)2012Questionnaire qualité de vie
BesançonCHU BesançonCHU BesançonEffects of long acting bronchodilatators on cardiac autonomic control in COPD (LABA-Card)2016Clinique: BD
BordeauxCHU Bordeaux CHU BordeauxDescription of the ability to learn how to handle inhaler devices in COPD2016-2017Clinique: BD
BordeauxCHU BordeauxCHU BORDEAUXCohorte de malades atteints de BPCO- Etude PALOMBCohorte décrivant les malades atteints de BPCO de la région X
BrestCHU BrestCHU BrestScreening for COPD in primary care: a synergic approach. Dentists, pharmacists, Physiothérapists, Nurses, Physicians (UNANIME)2017Epidémiologie
BrestCHU BrestCHU BrestEtude ESNM : Effects of neuromusculair electrical stimulation versus cycle ergometer training in a pulmonary rehabilitation program2017Clinique: muscle, réhabiliation
BrestCHU BrestCHU BrestEtude PEP : Frequency of diagnostic symptomatic pulmonary embomlism in patients hopsitalized for clinical exacerbations of COPD2014Epidémiologie
CaenCHU CaenCHU CaenEtude BPCTréa : Clinical trial assessing the value of antibiotic protocol guided by serum procalcitonin in acute exacerbation of obstructive pulmonary disease in intensive care2015Clinique: Infectieux/Inflammation
Clermont-FerrandCHU Clermont-FerrandCHU Clermont-FerrandSarcopenia in COPD patients: a French study (SARCOBS)2017Clinique: muscle
Clermont-FerrandCHU Clermont-FerrandCHU Clermont-FerrandETUDE EQUIL-BPCO : Evaluation of a simple clinical test to detect the risk of falling in patients with COPD and research for predictive factors of fall risks2017-2018Clinique: risques de chutes
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU Grenobleetude EXAVNI2 : Impact of telemonitoring program on the rate of hospitalisation for worsening of cardiorespiratory sy!mptoms in COPD patients treated at home by long term NIV2016Telemedecine
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEtude ECO-BPCO : Cardiovascular risk of COPD2017Epidémiologie
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEtude MorphoCOPD1b : Pain Assessment in patients with COPD exacerbations2017Clinique: Douleur
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEtude COPD-OSAS : Endothelial function study before cardiovascular surgery2010Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: endothélium
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEffects of hypoxémia and inflammation on citruline synthesis by ornithine transcarbamylase in human enterocytes (HYPOCITRE)2016Biologie: Inflammation/Hypoxémie
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEtude NEUROX : Brain during effort: effects of hypoxia with respiratory patients2016Hypoxie
GrenobleCHU GrenobleCHU GrenobleEtude RHEOMULC : Assessment of rheological parameteres of human sputum2016Biologie: Inflammation
GrenobleGrenobleGrenobleCohorte de malades atteints de BPCO- Etude COLIBRICohorte décrivant les malades atteints de BPCO en France
LilleCHU LilleCHU LilleClinical impact of fungal domestic environmental exposure on COPD patients2013Particules champignons dans l'air ambiant
LilleCHU LilleCHU LilleStudy of the involvement of IL17/ IL22 pathway in bacterial exacerbation of COPD2015Biologie: Inflammation
MarseilleAPHMCHU MarseilleEffect of smoking on mucus hypersecretion mechanisms in asthma and COPD2014-2018Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: mucus
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierDeterminants of lower limb muscle atrophy induced during an hospitalisation for exacerbation of COPD : AMI-EX-BPCO2017-2019Clinique: muscle
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierRepair, remodeling and regeneration of the bronchial epithelium of the COPD patients ETUDE RRR2014-2017Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: epithelium bronchique
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierCiliation and mucus rheology parameters determined via air-liquid interface cell cultures in non smoking, smoking COPD and asthmatic patients1 June 2017Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: mucus
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierInvolvement of plasmatic factors in peripheral muscle dysfunction of COPD patients. In vitro study2017Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: muscle
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierModeling bronchial epithelium modifications with COPD using IPS2017Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire: epithelium bronchique
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierEtude HPE-LR : Potentially avoidable hospitalisation in France2016Epidémiologie
MontpellierCHU MontpellierCHU MontpellierAnalysis of inhaled corticoid prescriptions in general medecine (COMEGE)2017Epidémiologie
NiceCHU NiceCHU NiceCirculating Tumor Cells in Lung Cancer Screening
ParisAPHPAPHPEtude BECOMEG Efficacy of oral corticosteroids to treat out patients with acute exacerbation of COPD 2015-2017Efficacité des traitements par corticothérapie orale en cours d'exacerbation de BPCOMédecins Généralistes
ParisCHU kremlin-BicêtreAPHPEtude : EPHEBE : Physiological study of minimally invasive ECCO2R in exacerbations of COPD requiring intensive mechanical ventilation 2016Evaluation du système ECCO2R dans l'amélioration du pronostic des exacerbations de BPCO
ParisCHU Pitié-SalpétrièreADOREPSPulmonary rehabilitation, dyspnea and emotional cognition in COPD (READ-CG-BPCO)2017Effet de la réhabiliation respiratoire sur les émotions cognotives et la valeur émotionnelle de la dyspnée
ParisHôpital Foch ParisHôpital Foch ParisEndoth-BPCO : Peripheral endothelial function in COPD patients2015-2017Evaluation du tonus vasculaire par un système de mesure spécifique (Endo-PAT)
ParisInternationalAstra ZenecaEfficacy and safety of glycopyronium/Formoterol fixed dose combination relative to Umeclidium/Vilanterol fixed dose combination over 24 weeks in patients with moderate to very severe COPD2017-2018Evaluation d'une association fixe de traitements bronchodilatateurs de longue durée d'action pendant une durée de 6 mois (anticholinergique + béta 2-mimétique)122 sites international/ Industriel
ParisInternationalAstra ZenecaObservational study of obstructive lung disesase (NOVELTY)2016Suivi observationnel de 3 ans de pathologies respiratoires: asthme et BPCOmultisites France/ Industriel
ParisInternationalPearl TherapeuticsStudy to asses the efficacy and safety of PT010 relative to PT003 and PT009 in subjects with moderate to very severe COPD (ETHOS)2015Evaluation d'une triple association (anti-inflammatoire et bronchodilatateurs anticholinergique et béta 2-mimétiques) comparés à une double association multisites France/ Industriel
Paris?ANTADIREfficacy of Oxygen Therapy Delivered by Systems Using Oxygen-Saving Valves in COPD Patients
ReimsCHU ReimsCHU ReimsPulmonary microbiota in patients with COPD colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant resistant to Imipenem2016Biologie: Infectieux
ReimsCHU ReimsCHU ReimsStudy of collagen IV and XII in LBA, pulmonary aspiration and bronchial biopsies2016Biologie: Atteinte tissulaire
RouenCH Bois-GuillaumeAssociation ADIREtude Exercise-NIV : Interfaces of NIV on performance in patients with COPD2015Clinique: VNI
RouenCHU RouenCHU RouenChange in breathing pattern on NIV of COPD patients under home mechanical ventilation2017Clinique: VNI
RouenCHU RouenCHU RouenEtude NIVOLD : Home Non Invasive Ventilation for COPD Patients
RouenCHU RouenAssociation ADIREtude 6STaR : 6-minute stepper test and pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD2016Evaluation d'un test de 6 minutes par stepper en cours de réhabilitation de BPCO
St EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneEtude LAVOLEX : Identification of volatile organic coumpounds in exhaled air during exacerbation of COPD2014-2018Biologie: Inflammation
St EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneEtude OXYPHEN : Influence of chronic hypoxia on oxydative phenotype in patients with COPD2015Biologie:Hypoxie
St EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneEtude OXYSET : Comparison of 2 O2 setting during non invasive mechanical ventilation of chronic COPD2015Clinique: Systèmes de VNI
St EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneCHU Saint-EtienneEtude QUADRIVEND : Prevention of post exercise muscle fatigue and effect on exercise training in severe patients with COPD2015Clinique: fatigue musculaire
ToursCHU ToursCHU ToursEtude AirvoNEB : Evaluation of the effectiveness of a nebulization bronchodilatator under high nasal flow humidified2016Clinique: BD
Etude INITIAVES : cohorte de malades atteints de BPCOCohorte décrivant les malades atteints de BPCO de la région X
FranceASTRA ZENECAEtude NOVELTY : Observational Study of Obstructive Lung Disease
Etude observationnelle
Association Francaise pour la Recherche ThermaleEtude THERMACTIVE : Impact of Web and Smartphonebased Physical Activity Program on Physical Activity Level 12 Months After a Balneotherapy
Wearable Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Device in COPDtest d'un ventilateur portable dans la BPCO
Wissenschaftliches Institut BethanienPhilips RespironicsEffect of Positive Airway Pressure Therapy on Hospitalization and Mortality in SDB Patients With Comorbid Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or/and Heart Failure (HF)Etude observationnelle de l'effet de la ventilation mécanique sur l'insuffisance cardiaque de la BPCO